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Cosmopolis water and sewer rates raise in July

June 20, 2013

Cosmopolis residents will see their water and sewer rates increase starting in July.

On Wednesday, the city council went over the costs for the rate adjustment.

The base rate will increase 11.5% starting on July 1st, with a per foot charge increase as well. For the average household using 750 cubic feet of water, the combined cost of water and sewer will raise approximately $5.72 per month.

Public Works Director Darrin Raines told the council that the rates should have been raised over the past years, but the city chose not to in order to assist residents, but this time it is needed.

Raines said that the funds will be used to pay for a test well to be drilled in Makarenko Park, as well as build an emergency reserve and capital project fund.

This increase is in addition to costs added in January of this year due to City of Aberdeen water rates.

City of Cosmopolis

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