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City of Montesano makes statement on Russ Burke termination

June 26, 2013

Last night the Montesano City Council chose not to comment on the termination of Public Works Supervisor Russ Burke, the crowd at the meeting, however, made their comments known.

In a prepared statement, Montesano Mayor Ken Estes told the crowd that;

“Mr. Burke’s termination was the culmination of progressive discipline for his repeating violations of City directives to participate in an investigation involving very serious issues. The issue is in the grievance process and any confusion or unclarity will ultimately be explained and resolved through that process. The City and several administrators are also the subjects of a Tort Claim by Mr. Burke, which is the precursor to a lawsuit, and under the circumstances those involved have been advised not to comment further.”

The crowd on Tuesday spoke out against the City for removing Burke, echoing that the investigation into his alleged activities was done internally by the Mayor himself, and with no formal evidence to his guilt.

The statement regarding Burke follows months of activity within the city including allegations of misuse of City equipment, supplies, and eventually his termination.

Russ Burke is still currently listed on the City of Montesano website as “Public Works Lead”.

Rehire Russ

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