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WIC Program set to expire with state shutdown

June 27, 2013

Participants in the Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC, Program will soon be unable to use their WIC checks if the state budget impasse doesn’t end by July 1. The WIC program is among many state services at risk of stopping during a temporary government shutdown if the budget deadline isn’t met, but WIC clients could be affected sooner.

Retailers who accept WIC checks when clients buy food are reimbursed by the state. If there is a government shutdown, the state would be unable to reimburse retailers for WIC checks, WIC clinics will close, and WIC stores and farmers market growers will be unable to process checks. So participants who planned to shop next week are urged to use their WIC checks by this weekend, in case there is a shutdown on Monday.

About 195,000 low income state residents take part in the WIC Program each month. Every day, about $472,000 worth of WIC checks are processed in our state.


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