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Montesano teen dies at Wynoochee Falls

July 1, 2013

An 18 year old Montesano teen died over the weekend swimming at Wynoochee Falls.

18 year old Ernest Estrella was at the falls on Friday with a group of friends swimming and jumping into the water when he did not resurface. A 22 year old friend of Estrella had to travel nearly 10 miles to a phone at the Coho Campground at Wynoochee Lake to report the accident.

Deputies, aid personnel, and a WDFW agent arrived in the area, and a diver was brought in to locate the body of the teen. Just after 4:00 pm on Friday, the diver located Estrella in approximately 25 feet of water just below the falls.

At this point it is unknown if the coldness and turbulence of the water affected the man’s ability to swim, or if he died as a result of striking an object while jumping into the water.

An autopsy will be performed on the teen. No drugs or alcohol appear to have been involved.


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