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Have unwanted pesticide? It can be removed.

July 25, 2013

The Washington State Department of Agriculture plans to collect unwanted pesticides from cranberry farmers, public entities and residents in Grays Harbor and Pacific.

WSDA has contracted with a hazardous waste company to package the pesticides for safe transportation and disposal.

“The pesticides will be collected in early September well before cranberry harvest begins,” said Joe Hoffman, coordinator of WSDA’s pesticide collection program. “One reason for doing this is to help farmers meet the requirements of Good Agricultural Practices certification by removing their old or unwanted pesticides before their GAP inspection.”

WSDA staff will be at the Washington State University-sponsored cranberry field day July 26 in Long Beach to discuss the agency’s free, voluntary pesticide-disposal program.

WSDA staff will provide on-site customer assistance to prepare pesticides for disposal.

Collection dates will be determined after the August customer sign up when the project’s scope is known.

Products accepted for disposal include insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides and most chemicals that kill, repel or prevent unwanted pests.
Before disposal, WSDA takes possession of the chemicals and accepts all further liability.

To participate, sign-up by Aug. 5 by contacting WSDA at wastepesticide@agr.wa.gov or calling the agency at (360) 902-2056. The actual collection date will be set later.

Visit http://www.agr.wa.gov/wastepesticide for information about the WSDA Waste Pesticide Program.


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