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Local burglaries rise in summer months

July 29, 2013

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department warns residents that the summer months can bring an increase in the number of property crimes locally. Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate told KXRO that he has collected information for the past 30 days that deal specifically with burglaries. During this time, the Sheriff’s Office responded to 26 calls throughout the county.

The items taken from homes and outbuildings included computers, TVs, guns, money, lawn and garden equipment, wiring, and more.

Shumate says that they have seen an increase in the number of homeowners installing alarm systems or surveillance equipment. He said that a less expensive alternative to a full home surveillance system would be game cameras to record any activity around the home. Last month, the Sheriff’s Department was able to solve a residential burglary in East County because of a game camera. 4 suspects were charged with that crime.

Investigators have looked to see if suspects from past burglaries have recently been released from incarceration, or are living in the area. While, some of the crimes have been solved, the majority are still active.

North Beach
Burglaries occurred on Copalis Beach Road, Ocean City, Powell Road, and SR 109 in Copalis Beach

South Beach
Multiple burglaries have been reported on Johns River Road; one burglary in Ocosta, and two in Grayland

West (Central)
Multiple burglaries on East Hoquiam Road, one on the Wishkah Road, and one in Grays Harbor City Hills

East County
Burglaries have occurred on Stamper Road (Elma), Alfredson Road (Oakville), South Union Road (Elma), Mox Chehalis Road (Malone), Monte Brady Road, Chehalis Lane (Satsop), Garden Hill Road (Elma), Monte Elma Road, South Bank Road (Elma), and Elma McCleary Road (Elma)

Anyone with information regarding any local crimes is asked to call the Grays Harbor County dispatch center at 360-533-8765.


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