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Pontoon construction continues statewide

July 29, 2013

Construction on the State Route 520 pontoons continues both in Aberdeen and across the state. Cycle 2 of the local construction floated out in April, with Cycle 3 currently underway. As local workers prepare for the release of Grays Harbor pontoons, eight more have been completed as well at the casting facility in Tacoma.

This float-out follows six months of construction at the Concrete Tech Corporation site, wrapping up the third of six pontoon cycles in Tacoma. These supplemental pontoons are built to provide stability when attached to larger longitudinal pontoons built in Aberdeen.

These eight pontoons bring the number of pontoons completed to 32 out of the 77 total pontoons needed to construct the world’s longest floating bridge. Six more currently are under construction in Aberdeen. During the course of floating bridge construction, 33 pontoons built in Aberdeen will be joined with 44 Tacoma pontoons for the total 77 pontoons.

Tacoma Pontoons

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