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All burning prohibited on DNR land, including prescribed

July 31, 2013

Following a ban on recreational fires on Department of Natural Resource land, Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark has now banned all outdoor fires on DNR land, including prescribed burns.

Hot and dry conditions have made the potential for wildfire unusually high on both sides of the Cascades. Recent fires have placed increased demands on firefighters and residents from both regional and statewide firefighting efforts.

“Now is the time to be vigilant. It is everyone’s responsibility to be appropriately cautious during this season,” Goldmark said. “The risk of wildfire is unusually high and the consequences could be catastrophic. We have hundreds of firefighters fighting two major wildfires and numerous smaller fires in Washington State. Our resources are stretched thin.”

This ban is now in effect through September 30 and prohibits campfires in developed campgrounds and other recreational fires, as well as prescribed burns.


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