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Aberdeen students get Summer school opportunities

July 30, 2013 1 comment

The Aberdeen School District is offering summer opportunities at all of its grade schools and at Miller Junior High School beginning on Monday, August 5.

At the elementary schools, the focus is on reading for a jump start to next year. Students will be using iPads in support of their learning. The groups will be small with the focus on individual needs.

At Miller Junior High School, teachers have ordered hands-on projects for students to increase their math and reading skills by exploring science, technology, engineering and math.

Also this summer, all freshmen and seniors at Aberdeen High School will return to school for three days Aug. 26-28 prior to the official start of school on September 4. Freshmen will receive orientation to the high school, training on technology used in the school and information on what is required over the next four years in order to graduate.

Summer School will run from 9 -11:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday, Aug. 5-22. Lunch will be served at no cost.

Sign-up forms were sent home with students at the end of the school year and are also available on the district web site at

Contact Jim Sawin at (360) 538-2171 to learn more.


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Woman dies at Lake Nahwatzel

July 30, 2013 Comments off

The Mason County sheriff’s office says a 20-year-old Seattle woman drowned while swimming with friends at Lake Nahwatzel about 10 miles west of Shelton.

The sheriff’s office says Katiana A. Taylor was swimming to a buoy in about 120 feet from shore when friends noticed she was struggling.

The Olympian reports their rescue attempts were unsuccessful.

Boats with Fire District 12 and medics with Central Mason Fire searched for her. The Mason County Dive Rescue Team recovered the body in about 20 feet of water. She was pronounced dead at the scene.


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Volunteers clean up Point Grenville

July 29, 2013 Comments off

Volunteers joined the Quinault Indian Nation over the weekend to clean up Point Grenville in preparation of approximately 100 canoes converging on Grays Harbor.

Over forty CoastSavers volunteers cleaned the beach south of the landing zone for the Paddle to Quinault canoes just days before they are scheduled to arrive from all sides of the coast.

CoastSavers partnered with the Quinault Indian Nation for the cleanup. Since the beach is usually closed to non-tribal members, the partnership allowed volunteers to access the approximately two mile stretch of beach.


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Local burglaries rise in summer months

July 29, 2013 Comments off

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department warns residents that the summer months can bring an increase in the number of property crimes locally. Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate told KXRO that he has collected information for the past 30 days that deal specifically with burglaries. During this time, the Sheriff’s Office responded to 26 calls throughout the county.

The items taken from homes and outbuildings included computers, TVs, guns, money, lawn and garden equipment, wiring, and more.

Shumate says that they have seen an increase in the number of homeowners installing alarm systems or surveillance equipment. He said that a less expensive alternative to a full home surveillance system would be game cameras to record any activity around the home. Last month, the Sheriff’s Department was able to solve a residential burglary in East County because of a game camera. 4 suspects were charged with that crime.

Investigators have looked to see if suspects from past burglaries have recently been released from incarceration, or are living in the area. While, some of the crimes have been solved, the majority are still active.

North Beach
Burglaries occurred on Copalis Beach Road, Ocean City, Powell Road, and SR 109 in Copalis Beach

South Beach
Multiple burglaries have been reported on Johns River Road; one burglary in Ocosta, and two in Grayland

West (Central)
Multiple burglaries on East Hoquiam Road, one on the Wishkah Road, and one in Grays Harbor City Hills

East County
Burglaries have occurred on Stamper Road (Elma), Alfredson Road (Oakville), South Union Road (Elma), Mox Chehalis Road (Malone), Monte Brady Road, Chehalis Lane (Satsop), Garden Hill Road (Elma), Monte Elma Road, South Bank Road (Elma), and Elma McCleary Road (Elma)

Anyone with information regarding any local crimes is asked to call the Grays Harbor County dispatch center at 360-533-8765.


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BUI laws strengthen statewide

July 29, 2013 2 comments

Anyone operating a boat while under the influence will now face stiffer penalties because of a new law that went into effect yesterday.

Alcohol is a leading factor in boating fatalities, and the new law is intended to make the sport safer. According to the Washington State Parks Boating Program, between 2005 and 2011, there were 157 boating deaths on Washington waters. Alcohol is a factor in 30 percent of boating deaths.

The new “boating under the influence” law makes a BUI conviction a gross misdemeanor; sets legal limits for marijuana use while operating a boat; and provides greater incentive for boat operators to submit to a breathalyzer test. Previously, a BUI conviction was a misdemeanor.

Penalty changes include making the BUI penalty a fine of up to $5,000 and/or 364 days in jail, as a gross misdemeanor. A boat operator who refuses to submit to a breathalyzer test could be fined a maximum of $2,050. The legal limit for boating while under the influence of marijuana is now set at 5.0 nanograms.

The BUI law applies specifically to those operating the boat and does not prohibit consumption by others on board. The legal limit of blood alcohol for boat operators is .08 percent, the same as for motorists on the highways.

For more information on other boating regulations in Washington, visit


Photo from Wyoming American Boat Operators’ Course

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Track canoes as they Paddle to Quinault

July 29, 2013 Comments off

Canoes are scheduled to arrive in Taholah this week for Paddle to Quinault, and you can follow their progress as they come in. Some of the canoes participating in the annual event can be tracked online thanks to the Quinault Indian Nation. Awebsite is updated every 10 minutes, tracking 9 tribes as they descend on Grays Harbor.

The North Kitsap Herald reported that approximately 100 canoes are expected to arrive at Quinault for traditional welcoming ceremonies on Aug. 1, according to Quinault Nation President Fawn Sharp.

“It has been 24 years since [the] Paddle to Seattle first revitalized this long-held Northwest tribal tradition, and the event has gained momentum throughout the Northwest ever since,” Sharp said in a press release.

This year’s Journey is expected to draw an estimated 15,000 tribal and non-tribal visitors to Grays Harbor. The canoes will be escorted by the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain as they continue their journey down the coast.

“All visitors are welcome, as is our tribal custom,” said Guy Capoeman, Paddle to Quinault coordinator.

This year’s Journey is significant because that the man who started the journey was a Quinault Tribal Elder. Emmett Oliver organized the Paddle to Seattle in 1989 as part of the state’s Centennial Celebratio,.

“The contemporary Canoe Journeys began in 1989,” said Capoeman, “We can expect anywhere from 90 U.S. Tribes, Canadian First Nations, and even New Zealand to join the celebration. In the past, we have seen canoes from Alaska and even Hawaii join in on this event..”

Local company NWSN will be live streaming the event starting on August 1st as the canoes arrive onto the beach. The website for the free live stream will be at

To track the canoes, visit

For more information, including site maps and schedule, go to

Paddle to Quinault

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Pontoon construction continues statewide

July 29, 2013 Comments off

Construction on the State Route 520 pontoons continues both in Aberdeen and across the state. Cycle 2 of the local construction floated out in April, with Cycle 3 currently underway. As local workers prepare for the release of Grays Harbor pontoons, eight more have been completed as well at the casting facility in Tacoma.

This float-out follows six months of construction at the Concrete Tech Corporation site, wrapping up the third of six pontoon cycles in Tacoma. These supplemental pontoons are built to provide stability when attached to larger longitudinal pontoons built in Aberdeen.

These eight pontoons bring the number of pontoons completed to 32 out of the 77 total pontoons needed to construct the world’s longest floating bridge. Six more currently are under construction in Aberdeen. During the course of floating bridge construction, 33 pontoons built in Aberdeen will be joined with 44 Tacoma pontoons for the total 77 pontoons.

Tacoma Pontoons

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