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Transit passes will continue for Grays Harbor College students

August 15, 2013

The Grays Harbor Transit Authority announced that despite the cuts in funding, passes for Grays Harbor College students will still remain.

GHC students have been eligible for free passes on the transit to get to and from school thanks to the College, but that program was in danger of being cut with the recent changes coming to the authority. Mayor Bill Simpson, who sits on the Transit Board, told KXRO that GHC administration “stepped up” and chose to continue funding this program.

Prices for the passes will increase due to the changes, from $30 to $45 per quarter, but they will remain. Dr. Ed Brewster, President of GHC said “we understand the basis for recent tough decisions you have made”. He added “These are indeed difficult financial times for all public entities.”

Simpson said that the largest issue with the passes was that students would use the passes for all travel, not just to go to and from college. Both GHC and the Transit Authority chose to make the passes only eligible for going to and from campus, not for general use. This means a Westport student could travel to and from their campus, but not use the pass to travel to Ocean Shores or Montesano.

These changes will go into effect on September 1st.

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