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High Wind Warning for Sunday through Monday

September 29, 2013

Update: The first storm of the season could produce gusting winds of (75 mph), according to the National Weather Service. A High Wind Warning has been issued for 3pm Sunday afternoon through 5am Monday. Expect winds from 25 to 40 mph and near 60 later in the afternoon today. The NWS says isolated gusts of 65 mph will be near the beach areas. A High Wind Warning means that damaging winds could occur toppling trees, causing power outages and damaging property. A High Surf Warning is in effect for today at 3pm through 5am tomorrow as well as a Flood Watch for Grays Harbor rivers until Monday at noon.

Chuck Wallace with Grays Harbor County Emergency Management urges residents to prepare for this latest weather event:

1) Prepare for high winds and the possibility of down trees and power lines resulting in power outages throughout the county.
2) Use extreme caution while driving in heavy downpours as roadways may become flooded.
3) Use caution along the beaches. DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO THE SEA. Waves will run up the beaches much farther and be strong enough to pull a person into the sea. Use extreme caution on rocks and jetties as debris can be thrown about in the surf. Considerable beach erosion will occur. DO NOT venture into the water.
4) NEVER USE PORTABLE GENERATORS INDOORS. Please make every effort to keep any gas or propane powered equipment far away from the interior of your home due to the possibility of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. If you suspect you or any family member may be ill due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning, CALL 911 and LEAVE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY

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