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More anti Wild Olympic signs going up locally

September 30, 2013

New signs are up around town opposing the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, and residents can assist in adding more.

The Working Wild Olympics group told KXRO that a “Hang Wild Oly Party” to promote their new “STOP Wild Oly” signs will be held in Hoquiam on Wednesday.

Opponents of the measure will meet at the Harborena at 7pm, and some of the new 4×8 Plywood signs will be available to the public to hang around the area.

Also available at the event will be new “STOP Wild Oly” t-shirts available for $10. These shirts are also available at the Hoquiam License Agency on Sumner Ave in Aberdeen.

First introduced in June of last year following years of discussion, the measure would expand the wilderness area in the Olympic National Forest by about 200 square miles, creating a buffer around Olympic National Park.

Senator Patty Murray has said that she plans to reintroduce the legislation that did not get a vote in the last session of Congress.

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners, Aberdeen City Council, and Cosmopolis City Council have all voted in opposition to the legislation.

The Hoquiam City Council have voted saying they opposed the legislation as it was, but said they were willing to consider a revised plan.

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