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Pontoon W returns to Lake Washington today

September 30, 2013

Pontoon W, which left the Aberdeen casting basin in July of 2012, is now returning to Lake Washington, this time with six fewer columns than it was last seen on the lake.

Earlier this month, SR 520 floating bridge project contractor Kiewit/General/Mason, towed the pontoon to a facility on the Duwamish River to remove six concrete columns built on the pontoon last year.

“We’re happy to welcome Pontoon W back to Lake Washington,” said Dave Becher, construction manager for the project. “We’ve completed necessary repairs in the dry dock and removed columns that will be replaced on Lake Washington. Together, these repairs will ensure that the pontoon meets its 75-year design life”

Last year rebar cages inside the columns shifted slightly during a concrete pour. Crews will re-pour the columns on Lake Washington later this year. The removed columns will be dismantled, and the concrete and steel rebar will be recycled.

Because it was a construction issue, all costs associated with repairing the columns are the responsibility of KGM. No taxpayer money will be spent on the column repairs, and no time will be added to the project schedule.

Once on the lake, Pontoon W will be moored at the east end of the existing floating bridge, where crews will add new rebar and pour new concrete. When complete, 10 round columns and two larger box columns will be used to support the highway on the new SR 520 floating bridge.

As of September, 32 of 77 pontoons for the new floating bridge are complete with additional cycles due from Aberdeen and Tacoma this fall and winter.

Pontoon W

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