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Miller Junior High getting new track

October 2, 2013

The Aberdeen School Board met last night and made a decision that will bring a new surface to one of their sports facilities.

The board heard from Aberdeen School District Business Manager David Herrington about the surface of the track at Miller Junior High School as he said it needs to be replaced.

The Board chose to have the project done this summer and Superintendent Dr. Thomas Opstad says that the challenge of the project is the hidden cost that could come from damage underneath the surface.

“The challenge is that we won’t know any of the hidden cost until we take off that old surface and see what’s underneath. But we want to have contingency built in case we need to go in and do some subsurface repair.”

Herrington and Dr. Opstad advised the board that the longer they wait on the replacement could make matters worse.

The resurfacing is expected to cost around $230,000 without any other issues being found underneath.

Miller Junior High

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