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Pontoons launching from Aberdeen on Saturday

October 3, 2013

Another batch of State Route 520 floating bridge pontoons are scheduled to leave the Aberdeen casting basin this weekend, and this will mark the halfway point of local construction.

The Washington State Department of Transportation told KXRO that the four longitudinal pontoons and two supplemental stability pontoons will be floating out on Saturday.

In April, the second round of pontoons were finished locally, almost a year after the initial launch. All pontoons created locally have had changes made to them after cracks were found due to design issues.

In all, crews will build 77 pontoons, 33 in Aberdeen and 44 in Tacoma, for the new SR 520 floating bridge. With the third Aberdeen cycle complete, crews have finished 18 pontoons in Aberdeen and 20 in Tacoma.

The floating bridge contract requires the new six-lane bridge open to traffic by July 2015.

Cycle 3 Pontoons

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