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Shelton assault investigation locks down schools

October 3, 2013

2 Shelton schools were locked down on Wednesday following an alleged assault.

Just after noon, Shelton Police were sent to their downtown after a 31 year old man said he was assaulted and robbed. The man said that 2 men came up to him and stole items after one of the men assaulted him with a weapon. The man had superficial injuries that he said were caused by one of the suspects.

Police say that the men involved knew each other and the incident follows a long standing disagreement between them. One of the suspects, a 24 year old Shelton man, was taken into custody and booked on robbery charges. The 2nd suspect has yet to be identified.

Downtown and Mt. View schools were placed in lockdown while police searched for the suspects.

Last night, police said that in a follow-up interview with the victim, he recanted his statement that the 24 year old was one of the men who assaulted him. The Shelton man was released from custody and the investigation is continuing.


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