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Extras are needed for local Transformers filming

October 7, 2013

Filming for the new Transformers movie is coming to Grays Harbor, and local residents can be paid extras.

Paramount Pictures is casting paid extras to work while crews film Transformers: Age of Extinction at the Satsop Business Park.

The company is looking for “business and military types, very clean-cut and athletic”.

Residents are asked to submit a current casual picture to trans4washington@gmail.com to be considered.

In your email, you must include your cell phone number, height, weight, and clothing sizes/measurements.

Which dates will be used for filming are not currently known, although filming is already underway across the United States.

Filming last week in Chicago wrapped with a “Massive controlled explosion at the abandoned Santa Fe Grain silos”. Watch the video from a bystander here.

Which sections of the Satsop Business Park would be utilized, which actors would be in Grays Harbor, and how prominent these scenes would be are not currently known.


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