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Millions lost in National Parks due to government shutdown

October 11, 2013

As the 10th day of the government shutdown is upon us, the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees says that more than seven million Americans have been kept out of national parks and $750 million in visitor spending has been lost, with repercussions for the economies of gateway communities and entire states that depend on national park tourism.

CNPSR-gathered figures show that the shutdown is resulting in 715,000 visitors lost daily, based on 2012 national park attendance, $76 million in lost visitor spending per day, and $450,000 in lost revenue each day that would go directly to the National Park Service.

CNPSR Chair Maureen Finnerty said: “These figures are mind boggling and they only begin to capture the full economic shock of locking up the crown jewels of America – our national parks.”

CNSPR said that Olympic National Park lost 77,808 visitors, almost $3 million in visitor dollars, and 1673 total jobs at stake.

The over 900 members of the Coalition are all former employees of the National Park Service with a combined 25,000 years of work.


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