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Aberdeen amends zoning codes for marijuana

October 24, 2013

The Aberdeen City Council passed an ordinance last night that made a significant amendment to their zoning codes to prepare for the legalization of marijuana.

The council passed the ordinance that prohibits marijuana collective gardens in all zoning districts, and allows retail locations in the industrial and light-industrial districts.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has adopted its final rules for recreational marijuana. Those rules take effect on November 16th and at that time the liquor control board will begin accepting applications for producer, processor, and retail state licenses.

Aberdeen will be allowed one retail business license, with 5 more available throughout the county as the ordinance adopts the zoning codes recommended by the liquor control board.

Aberdeen City Councilman Tim Alstrom shared his thoughts on the ordinance, saying that “In the big picture, it’s a big deal but it’s not. As compared to the alcohol abuse, the methamphetamine abuse, and the heroin and opiate abuse(s) issues that are happening in our community. I think overall in the big picture, the marijuana problems are minor”

Many other council members showed their support for the ordinance saying that they wanted to oblige the majority of the voters who passed Initiative 502. The council passed the ordinance with nine YES votes with Jim Cook and Alice Phelps abstaining from the vote.

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