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Police conduct driving emphasis near A.J. West

October 31, 2013

Following comments at recent community meetings, the Aberdeen Police Department conducted a traffic emphasis on Bay Street yesterday morning, in front of A.J. West.

The emphasis was a result of concerns from residents for the safety of children who walk to school. Community members specifically expressed a concern about drivers running through stop signs in the area around the school.

The 35 minute emphasis resulted in 11 traffic stops which resulted in the issuing of 3 traffic infractions and one citation. One of the infractions was a parking violation for being too close to a crosswalk. Two infractions were for failing to stop at a stop sign. The citation was for driving while suspended. The other eight stops resulted in verbal warnings.

The Aberdeen Police Department is asking everyone to drive safely at all times. Special care should be demonstrated around all the area schools.

With Halloween tonight, Aberdeen Police remind the public to drive safely in neighborhoods as many people will be out trick or treating.

A second traffic emphasis is planned for the area of A.J. West today. It is expected that additional traffic enforcement emphasis details will be occurring in the future.


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