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An Elma man with a sword blocks I5 traffic

November 5, 2013

The northbound lanes of Interstate 5 in Clark County were shut down for five minutes Monday night while police surrounded a man who was walking on the shoulder and reportedly wielding a shotgun that turned out to be a decorative sword.

The Columbian reports that troopers and officers with the Vancouver Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office talked to the man over a loudspeaker with their guns drawn.

“When we’re told someone is carrying a weapon, we approach as if someone is indeed carrying a weapon,” said Trooper Will Finn, spokesman for the Washington State Patrol.

The 20-year-old complied with their instructions and revealed a sword slung over his back. He was headed home to Elma when a passer-by apparently mistook the sword for a gun and alerted 911.

Police drove the man, whose name was not released, to a relative’s home in Vancouver. He was warned not to walk on I5.

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