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Quinault tribal leaders could be recalled

November 6, 2013

The Quinault Indian Nation is looking for new leadership.

In the latest issue of ‘The Nugguam’, a meeting notice is listed for the Special General Council to discuss a recall of President Fawn Sharp, Vice President Andrew Mail, Treasurer Larry Ralston, and Secretary Latosha Underwood. The recall petition, according to the notice, was signed by at least 50 qualified voters and filed with the Quinault Business Committee.

In the November issue, a letter from Stephen Frank alleges that the ranking members and Business Council create “A Rotten Constitution that allows Abuse” and the tribe improperly used funds for the Paddle to Quinault without public input, closed Lake Quinault, and improperly hired staff.

Any of the tribal members up for a recall will have an opportunity to state their case before the General Council before their final decision is made. If a quorum is not reached during the meeting, the recall is dismissed and no new recall may be filed for a year.

The meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, November 16, at 10 am at the Taholah School Gymnasium to discuss the recall. This meeting is for “Enrolled Quinault Tribal Members Only”, stating that no exceptions will be made.

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