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Grays Harbor Community Foundation gives out $41,000

November 11, 2013

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation says that they have given out over $41,000 through their fourth quarter discretionary grants cycle. The Foundation awarded 8 grants that totaled $41,672 in discretionary funding. “We were pleased our first cycle of using an online Grants system worked so well” Program Officer Cassie Lentz said, “We have heard positive things from our applicants about the system.”

The organizations funded through this discretionary grants cycle include:

Citizens for Children Fund for Christmas for Kids 2013
Grays Harbor Youth Works for a Student Internship Program
North Beach School District for the Lighthouse Mentoring Project
Children’s Advocacy Center of Grays Harbor for Security Upgrades
Ocosta School District for the Parenting STEP Program
4-H Ocosta Wild Robotocats for Expanding the Robotocats Program
Hoquiam School District “Bridging the Digital and Academic Divide for Low Income Students”

Dr. Dave Westby, chair of the Grants Committee noted the wide-array of causes the applications represented. “There are many areas of need in our community. We learn about many of the great programs that are targeting those needs through our Grants Program. I always learn something I didn’t know about our area when I review these requests and that is a positive thing”

Applications will be accepted for the next cycle of discretionary grants on January 1st.


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