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Work begins today to replace rocks on Westport jetty

November 11, 2013

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin work today to repair and restore a 300-foot section of the rock wall that protects Westport at Point Chehalis, including a 60-foot section that could fail during a severe storm.

The Corps awarded a contract to Rognlin’s for just over $500,000 to complete the work in December.

3,100 feet of stones provide protection to the coast from strong waves. According to Dredging Today, since 2000, there has been increased wave energy, related to significant change in depth measurements through the Harbor. Several sections of the western end of the jetty are failing due annual severe winter storms.

An emergency repair was done on the rocks to fix a weak spot in advance of a 2010 storm.

The section of coastline being repaired will be quite dangerous.

Between heavy equipment, 6-17 ton rocks that are not yet placed and can shift, and truck traffic, the boardwalk and beach on either side of the repair area will be periodically closed. The section under repair will be closed to the public during construction. “No Public Access” signs will be posted at the entrance, and construction is coordinated with the City of Westport and Port of Grays Harbor.


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