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Evergreen State College classes offered at GHC

November 21, 2013

Grays Harbor residents can enroll in a new college program taught by Evergreen State College faculty at Grays Harbor College this winter.

Community health expert Nancy Anderson and historian Frances Rains will lead “Health Inequality: Telling the Story and Changing It.” This program focuses on the region’s European settlement and Native people. Completion of the winter and spring quarters of the program is worth 16 credits.

“Even though this is a three-quarter program, it’s certainly okay to take one or two quarters and still get a lot from the class,” said Evergreen’s dean for evening and weekend studies, Sarah Ryan. “Students who are new to Evergreen can register in person at the Olympia campus starting December 16.”

Started in 2000, Evergreen’s Grays Harbor program was designed to give local college graduates the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree without having to leave the area. Classes take place on weekends and are taught by Evergreen faculty on the Grays Harbor College campus.

For more information on the Evergreen Grays Harbor program, please visit http://www.evergreen.edu/eveningandweekend/ghc.htm


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