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Time is running out on 2013 GED tests

November 25, 2013

With less than 40 days left, those in the process of taking GED tests must finish by the end of December. After the first of the new year, GED tests will be computerized and completely different. Those who have started but not completed their tests by then will have to retake all tests in 2014.

The organizations that administer the national GED Service have made changes to next year’s testing. To earn a GED under the current version of the test, students must pass all five required tests before December 31, 2013. Otherwise, they will have to start over with the new 2014 tests.

According to information from the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, beginning in January, the exams will be taken in a computer-based format only, in person, at a monitored test center. The current five tests will be condensed into four tests that align with the national Common Core State Standards.

GED tests are taken at Grays Harbor College, offered in both English and Spanish, and extra testing appointments are still available through the end of December.

A Saturday test date is scheduled for December 21.

All local Timberland Regional Library branches have study guides for the current test. Guides for 2014 are arriving in libraries as they are published. TRL cardholders can study and practice online for various tests, including the GED.

For more information and to schedule a test appointment, contact Jim Sorensen, 360.538.4099, jim.sorensen@ghc.edu.

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