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Multiple vehicle thefts reported in Aberdeen

November 26, 2013

Yesterday morning, the Aberdeen Police Department responded to three reports of cars being stolen while the vehicles were left running unattended.

The reports include a 2013 Ford Fiesta stolen from the 1200 Block of Forsythe. Reported at 6 am, and located by the owners just before 7 am.

A 2013 Ram 1500 was stolen around 6:30 am from the 600 Block of W. 3rd and located by the owner in Stewart Park at 7:30 am.

A 1988 Dodge pickup was taken from the 1100 Block of E. 2nd. This truck was located in the 1400 Block of Roosevelt. The truck was locked, but running. The suspect broke out the driver’s side window to gain access.

The public is asked to not leave vehicles running while unattended. It puts the vehicle at significant risk to be stolen and is illegal to do.

The investigations are continuing.


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