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Only 2 companies apply to sell recreational marijuana locally

November 26, 2013


According to a letter KXRO received from the owner of Den of Gems, they say that they are “withdrawing from the Retail side of Marijuana.“ According to the owner, they have sent a letter to the Liquor Control Board, requesting the withdrawal. They say that even though they applied, their location is not able to be used for retail since it is not zoned commercial.

12 companies have applied as marijuana producers in Grays Harbor, 8 to process the product, and only 1 to sell it recreationally. All 8 processers are also applying to produce.

In details provided by the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the only marijuana retailer that has applied and been input into the system is located outside of Brady on the Middle Satsop Rd, halfway to the Schafer State Park.

Grays Harbor is allowed 6 retail locations total.

Pacific County has received only 1 retail application in Ilwaco, and 7 applications to produce and process. All of the producer/processer applications are from 3 separate companies.

159 retail applications were submitted statewide, well under the 334 cap imposed by the state. 445 applications were sent in to produce, with 228 to process. It is not known how many of these applications overlap.

Businesses have until late December to apply for a license to produce, process, or sell retail marijuana. Applicants must undergo background checks, be residents of Washington, and have their business areas inspected by the state. They also have to pay a non-refundable $250 fee.

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