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Erak wins election posthumously

November 27, 2013

Election results have been certified, with no change to local races.

John Erak has won the election for his former Aberdeen City Council seat, 5 months after his death. Alan Richrod was appointed to his seat, until the election. According to Aberdeen City Attorney Eric Nelson, now that the results have been certified, the position held by Richrod becomes vacant immediately and the City Council will now need to elect a qualified candidate to fill the position until the next election in 2015.

Mayor Bill Simpson said that residents are encouraged to apply for the position from Ward 5 and they will announce the new council seat on December 11th.

According to the Washington Attorney General’s Office, “a vote for the deceased candidate was a vote against the appointee. Allowing the appointee to remain in office, rather than filling the vacancy as provided by law, would frustrated the will of the voters.”

Also in Aberdeen, John Smith has been replaced by Tawni Andrews for his seat in Ward 1, winning by 9 votes over the councilman.

William Adams came out ahead in the election for a Taholah school district seat over Carl Jackson, winning 51-49 in the closet race within the county.
Over 18,000 votes were counted within the county, showing over a 48% turnout.


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