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Local films look to Kickstarter for funding

December 2, 2013

2 local films are asking for your help on Kickstarter.

Grayport, a murder mystery/crime thriller set in the fictional town of Grayport, is set to be filmed in and around Aberdeen.

The producers of the film are asking for public help. While pre-production and casting are complete, equipment costs are holding the filming back.

Producer Andrew LaFountain said that so far, they have made some great progress.

Residents can donate to the film, and in return can earn updates on production, exclusive content, or their name in the credits as a producer.

Another film that was shot locally was Ghost Forest, originally named Devil in the Woods, shot earlier this year in and around Copalis; they are also looking for backers.

Following an earthquake in 1700, a forest along the Copalis River was flooded by saltwater, preserving the trees into a permanent forest. These trees were used as inspiration and the setting for the film.

While that film has been shot and edited, it is still not complete. To have a chance to debut at one of the major spring film festivals next year, like the Seattle International Film Festival or Cannes, they need to complete sound-effect editing, special effects, and other post production. If funded, the film will be finished by January 1, in time for the festivals.

Both films have their official Kickstarter pages active.

Grayport is looking to raise $7,500 by December 21.

Grayport Kickstarter 

Ghost Forest needs $25,000 by December 22 to be complete.

Ghost Forest Kickstarter


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