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Scholarship established for dental school students and to aid animals

December 9, 2013

In the memory of John and Ella Mae Daly, their family has decided to start a new scholarship fund at the Grays Harbor Community Foundation titled the Dr. John F. and Ella Mae Daly Memorial Fund. This fund will award a scholarship each year starting in 2014, as well as benefit the organization Freedom Tails through charitable distributions.

“This scholarship is something new and we will be dedicated to carrying the donors’ wishes forward,” said Maryann Welch, Board Chair.

The Dr. John F. and Ella Mae Daly Memorial Scholarship fund will establish an annual scholarship awarded to a Grays Harbor resident for up to four years of graduate level Dental School studies, with a preference for those attending University of Oregon Dental School or a Pediatric Dentistry program. Preference will also be given to veteran students or students with a Military commitment upon completion of their studies.

Rich Vroman, Scholarship Committee Chair, said “We are thrilled to see this scholarship established. Our regular Scholarship program supports undergraduate students only, but we are very open to donors who have specific ideas on the types of scholarships they want to support. I think this Scholarship will be very helpful to Grays Harbor students hoping to attend Dental School.”

Because of their lifelong love of dogs, the fund will also provide annual funding to help Freedom Tails, a dog training program that is based at Stafford Creek Prison. Dennis Cherry, SCCC Custody Unit Supervisor (CUS) and SCCC Freedom Tails Dog Program Manager, said: “We actually get/gather dogs from Grays Harbor PAWS, North Beach PAWS, private rescues, and other places. None of the dogs we get have a home. The offenders volunteer to train the dogs at the facility on basic obedience, and NB PAWS adopts them out upon completion. We also monitor the offenders’ behavior while at the prison and when they release to see if this helps them keep from returning to prison. So, it’s not just about the dogs. ”

You can find out more by visiting http://www.gh-cf.org.


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