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Van believed to be involved in fatality hit and run

December 9, 2013

Detectives are asking for the public’s help in identifying the vehicle involved in the fatal hit and run that killed 36 year old Katrina Rugg a week ago in Junction City. Rugg was last seen on Sunday evening after leaving her family’s home in Aberdeen. She was found dead in a ditch along Highway 12 on Tuesday, December 3. It is unknown exactly when the hit and run collision occurred.

Evidence collected from the scene determined that the vehicle involved is a Chevrolet Van, and could range in year from 2003-2011. The body style of this vehicle has remained consistent throughout those years, and is typically used as a work van or commonly referred to as a “contractor’s van”. The color of the van is unknown at this time, but will be determined after crime lab analysis is complete.

Damage should be visible to the vehicles right front (passenger side) headlight assembly and will be missing the passenger side mirror. Additional damage to the passenger side of the van may be visible as well.

Anyone with information regarding this vehicle or the events surrounding the incident is asked to call Detective Rodney Green at 360-473-0148

Example of van believed to be involved. Van color may vary.

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