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Local mail theft leads to over $1000 in credit card charges

December 12, 2013

On Tuesday, The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s department received a complaint that mail had been stolen in the 400 block of Ocean Beach Road. The resident said that she noticed her and a neighbor’s mailbox had been left open.

The resident later checked her credit card account and discovered that someone had charged over $1000 within the past 24 hours onto her account. The majority of the fraudulent charges occurred at businesses in Aberdeen.

The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the theft of the mail and the Aberdeen Police Department will be handling the fraudulent credit card charges within their city.

Aberdeen Police remind residents, particularly those who live in remote areas of the county, to be aware of this type of activity. This time of year we see an increase of mail thefts where suspects hope to find Christmas money, gift cards, or items of value.


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