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Online petition leads to changes in speed on Highway 12

December 16, 2013

Drivers will see a permanently reduced speed limit on a three-mile section of Highway 12 after an online petition from residents prompted a safety analysis and speed study of that section of highway.

In November, a petition at Change.org saw over 700 residents ask the Department of Transportation that the speed be reduced near Rochester, and additional safety measures be put into place to help eliminate accidents in the area.

The petition noted a multi vehicle collision in October, resulting in a teenage driver being airlifted to Harborview, an accident in 2012 when a driver was killed crossing the center line; and numerous collisions over the years as evidence that the road needed improvement.
Crews working for the WSDOT installed new speed limit signs along the highway last week, and the 55 mph speed limit has been reduced to 50, effective immediately.

In addition, crews installed new 45 mph advisory speed limit signs near the intersections in the petition.

Rumble strips were also installed in both directions. The noise and vibrations produced by the strips are intended to alert inattentive drivers to the upcoming intersections.


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