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Criminal logs onto Facebook from stolen phone

December 19, 2013

A criminal had his priorities out of focus this morning following a strong arm robbery in Hoquiam.

At 2:20 am this morning, a 53 year old Hoquiam woman told police that a man came up to her near 9th & K Streets and ripped her phone from her hands before running off.

Police located the suspect over 10 blocks away within 15 minutes. The suspect ran from police, throwing the phone over a fence as he tried to escape. After taking the suspect into custody, the phone was recovered.

The 23 year old Ocean Shores transient was found to have an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant for Burglary and Escape and was booked into Hoquiam City Jail.

While in custody, the suspect asked if he could have the phone back, so that he could log out of his Facebook account.


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