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Ocosta School District closed due to threat

December 20, 2013

–UPDATED 10:04 am–

A threat within the Ocosta School District, as well as weather conditions, prompted them to close school today.

According to multiple residents, they received a call this morning that the closure was related to a threat of violence.

The Ocosta School District confirmed that a threat was made, and an officer is at the school as an added precaution.

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office said that the threat was to a 3rd party. According to Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate, a dispute between two 8th grade boys occurred on Wednesday. The original dispute was apparently over one student being in contact with the other’s girlfriend.

Shumate said that it appears numerous students became involved and eventually information was received that one student told another that he should wear a protective vest to school. The mother of the student who supposedly made the threats spoke to her son and he denied making any threats. The mother contacted school officials and reported this prior to driving her son to the school to speak with officials and officers. The student has been cooperative throughout this investigation.

At this point in the investigation, it does not appear that there was a valid threat to any students.


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