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All Hazard Weather Radio site down for repairs

December 23, 2013

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management tells KXRO that the Forks/Mt Octopus Transmitter site, one of three sites used for All Hazard Weather Radio transmissions in Grays Harbor, will be out of service for approximately one week to repair the transmitter.

The site is essential for All Hazard Weather Radio warnings for severe weather, flooding, coastal storms and tsunami notifications to Western Washington. The other two All Hazard Weather radio transmission sites which serve Grays Harbor, the Astoria site and Olympia site are operating properly.

Emergency Management will continue to send notifications via the County Notification System and post all Warnings, Watches and Advisories they receive on the Grays Harbor County Website as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Emergency Management and Grays Harbor 911 will still have the ability to activate an Emergency Alert Broadcast message for the area.

Mt Octopus

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