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Brusco adds powerful tug boat to Grays Harbor

December 23, 2013

Brusco Tug & Barge, providing tug boats at the Port of Grays Harbor, docked the Wynema Spirit in Hoquiam this week. Commonly referred to as a tractor tug, it is one of the most powerful tugboats of its size on the West Coast.

A first for Grays Harbor, the Wynema Spirit also brings onboard fire-fighting capabilities; capable of shooting 1,800 gallons of water or 50 gallons of fire retardant per minute. The Wynema Spirit can push or pull up to 101,000 pounds forward or backwards, far greater than the traditional tugs currently on The Harbor.

“We are extremely excited about the enhanced safety capabilities this brings to Grays Harbor” said Executive Director Gary Nelson. “With vessel traffic projections expected to continue to increase, the Wynema Spirit’s features will be a benefit to our community and our customers”.

A second tractor tug, the Peter J, is being constructed for Brusco in Portland and is expected to join the Wynema Spirit on Grays Harbor in early spring 2014.

Wynema Spirit

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