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Eagles are coming to Grays Harbor

December 30, 2013

Bird watchers will be coming to Grays Harbor to catch a glimpse of eagles as more than 1,500 of the birds call the Northwest home.

According the News Tribune, as chum salmon move into rivers across Western Washington to begin the final stage of their life cycle, bald eagles are not far behind. The eagles have learned that the region’s rivers and streams provide an ample food supply in the form of salmon carcasses.

In Hoquiam, the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge attracts not only shorebirds and waterfowl, but eagles as well.

Rob McNair-Huff, co-author of ‘Birding Washington’ said, “Look along any river or stream where it runs into saltwater. That’s where they are going to be hunting for fish,”
McNair-Huff cited multiple reasons why bald eagles are so popular with birders, especially beginners. Like blue herons, bald eagles are large birds that are easy to identity. Another reason, he said, is eagles’ nests also are easy to spot. “It’s one bird that people who don’t spend a lot of time looking at birds can identify,” McNair-Huff said. “Everyone has a story when they saw a bald eagle.”

The best time to see eagles is between dawn and 11 am. While many birds will be close enough to see, having binoculars will give many more opportunities. When eagles are feeding, do not approach them.


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