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Changes come to Pacific County Sheriff’s Office

December 31, 2013

Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson announced changes this week to the Sheriff’s Office command staff including a retirement, promotion, and new appointment.

In November, Chief Civil Deputy Debbie Allison, employed by Pacific County in excess of 30 years, announced she would retire effective today. Sheriff Johnson expressed his appreciation of Allison’s years of service and work ethic, stating that he values her attitude and principles, always treating issues as if they were her personal responsibility with the intent to work in the interest of the taxpayer and citizen safety.

With the retirement of Deputy Allison, Sheriff Johnson has appointed Denise Rowlett as Chief Deputy. Rowlett has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office for over 14 years serving as Deputy Director of Emergency Management since 2008.

Sheriff Johnson has appointed Scott McDougall to fill the position of Deputy Director of Emergency Management. McDougall joins the office with previous experience in the fire service as well as Pacific County Fair Manager.

The Sheriff added that he wishes Allison the best in her retirement, and is looking forward to leading the command staff team with those in new roles as we approach 2014.


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