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Flashlight stolen from fire truck in Hoquiam

January 8, 2014

Hoquiam Police arrested a man after he stole a flashlight off of a Hoquiam Fire Truck.

Officer Ryan Pearson said that he was sent to the corner of 6th and K Streets in Hoquiam for a vehicle prowl in progress near a fire truck. According to dispatch, the suspect took a large orange flashlight out of the truck and is walking away toward Simpson Avenue.

As Officer Pearson pulled into the area several people were pointing to a man carrying a large orange flashlight in the 400 block of 6 Street. When the man saw the officer, he allegedly walked into the McHughs Furniture store.

Pearson said that the suspect was sweating, acting strange and was not able to stop rambling. When he stopped the man, he alleged that police “would not have caught him if we did not have a sting operation set up.”

The suspect was wanted on a DOC Felony Warrant. He was arrested on scene and transported to Hoquiam City Jail. During a search, a bag of methamphetamine was found on him. The flashlight was returned to Grays Harbor Fire District #16.


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