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Clam digs start on Wednesday

January 14, 2014

Clam diggers can return to beaches starting tomorrow through Saturday to dig razor clams during a month filled with digging opportunities.

Following a recent ban by China on West Coast shellfish after they claimed arsenic levels were high in geoducks harvested in Poverty Bay, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife approved the dig after toxin tests showed the clams are safe to eat.

“The timing of the upcoming dig appears to be shaping up nicely,” said Dan Ayres, WDFW shellfish manager. “After a week of thirty-foot waves, the ocean is settling down with a chance of sun breaks.”

Upcoming digs are scheduled on the following dates, beaches and low tides:
Jan. 15, Wednesday, 6:19 p.m.; -0.1 feet; Twin Harbors
Jan. 16, Thursday, 6:51 p.m.; -0.1 feet; Twin Harbors
Jan. 17, Friday, 7:22 p.m.; 0.0 feet; Twin Harbors, Long Beach, Mocrocks
Jan. 18, Saturday, 7:53 p.m.; 0.2 feet; Twin Harbors, Long Beach, Mocrocks

Ayres tells residents to make note that the Copalis will not be open during these dates. This includes: Ocean Shores, Oyhut, Ocean City and the Copalis areas.


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