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More marijuana licences added locally

January 15, 2014

46 total applications have been submitted locally for marijuana retail stores as the Washington State Liquor Control Board continues to process paperwork. This includes 11 for Aberdeen, 4 in Hoquiam, 3 in both Montesano and Ocean Shores, and 10 in north Pacific County.

82 local applications have been submitted to produce marijuana, and 55 applications have been sent in to process.

According to the Liquor Control Board, more applications will be added in the coming weeks as the State filters through submissions, and investigators continue reviewing applicants. Many of these applications will be removed.

More than 2,600 applications have been submitted statewide, with officials capping total production at 2 million square feet. It remains to be seen how many applications are approved, but if it’s even close to the number submitted, that could leave growers with less than 1,000 square feet apiece — not enough space for most to run an economically viable operation.

Some lawmakers concerned about a possible pot-business freeze-out want to keep cities and towns from adopting marijuana-business bans.

Ten representatives in the House on Tuesday introduced a bill that would require cities and counties to allow licensed recreational marijuana gardens, processing facilities and stores within their jurisdictions. Local governments would have to treat those enterprises the same as any other business that attempts to locate within their boundaries.

Officials would be barred from having zoning or other regulations that impede the establishment of pot businesses. Those that don’t comply could lose their share of disbursements from a state liquor-license account.

Many cities in Grays Harbor have instituted bans or restrictions on marijuana businesses.

Liquor Control Board spokesman Mikhail Carpenter said that the State hopes to begin issuing licenses at the end of February.


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