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Port of Grays Harbor shows record year

January 15, 2014

The Port of Grays Harbor saw a record year in 2013 with a total of 102 ships at their terminals. This is much different than only 10 years ago, when the Port saw 8 ships.

More than 87,000 vehicles were processed by Pasha Automotive Services last year, a 23% increase over 2012. Pasha completed construction of their $3.5 million processing facility in August. Export logs also hit a 15-year high for a combined total of 52.9 million board feet being shipped by Alcan and Dkoram.

During its first full year of operation, the AGP Storage and Export Facility saw a record with over 1.3 million metric tons of ag products exported through the facility.

Imperium Grays Harbor and Westway Terminals also shipped a record amount of liquid bulks through the Port, creating jobs on the docks and within their facilities.

Shipping activity added up to a 30-year record for longshore workers. Longshore hours worked topped 176,000, an 11% increase over 2012.

“We were very excited to see the final activity numbers for 2013,” said Port Commission President Stan Pinnick. “Our partners have done an outstanding job bringing business and employment to Grays Harbor and our local longshore workforce does a great job of handling and moving the cargo efficiently. What’s great is the employment doesn’t stop at our docks. Our tug operators, rail workers, truck drivers and industrial service vendors have also seen increases in employment this year.”

Deputy Executive Director Leonard Barnes reminds residents that the Port is still well below where it could be and there is still plenty of room to grow. “2013 was a great year for all of our shipping partners,” Barnes said. “Grays Harbor is regaining our position as a major export, and import hub for North America and we have plenty of space and berth availability to meet demand as we continue to grow. We fully expect to see records set again in the years to come.”

For more information, visit portofgraysharbor.com.

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