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Grays Harbor Democrats respond to Prosecutor list

January 17, 2014

Following statements by the Grays Harbor County Commissioners that they may ask for a new list of names for County Prosecutor, the Grays Harbor Democrats have said once again that they already have a list.

Chair George Smylie said in a letter, they received a request for a new list in December as well and told the commission that the list they provided was “a list of exhaustion.”

In a new opinion by the Washington State Attorney General, since Attorney Vini Samuel declined the office, the commission can request a new list, but it does not specify that the same names cannot be used.

According to the opinion, “the county commission lacks the authority to appoint a person who has not been nominated” by the local Democrats.

Smylie wrote, “It is impractical to provide a new list at this time’ adding “The 60 day window would expire before you could act on a new list.”

The letter closes with the statement, “You have a list that was created based on the Washington Constitution and the choice to act on it to appoint a Prosecutor.”

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