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Tax break for log truck drivers

January 20, 2014

Log truck drivers could receive a tax break if a bill by Senator Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam gets approved.

Senate Bill 6259 would amend a tax break that had already been instituted on other trucking businesses within the state. The amended version includes “Log transportation business” which would include any business that transports logs by truck, other than exclusively on private roads.

Hargrove said that the tax breaks were already in place for other truckers, but had expired. This bill would extend those breaks.

The tax break is equal to the gross income of the business, multiplied by the rate set depending on what the truck is carrying.

The tax break would consist of 1.28% to log trucks. Currently mail, garbage, and fuel trucking receive a 3.6% tax break while water delivery is reduced by 4.7%.


Photo property of John Lloyd

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