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Puppy scam linked to fake identity in Hoquiam

January 24, 2014

An investigation involving puppies being sold over the internet has ties to Hoquiam.

According to CBS Miami, an online scam is targeting people nationwide, using pictures of puppies to steal money from victims.

One young woman, who’s out thousands of dollars, has a warning for others.

Kellie Bohrer was looking for a puppy for her brother when she ran across an online ad. She said, “I found the puppy for only $320 which was like okay. That’s not ba,”.

The sellers then told Bohrer that they needed another $1600 for insurance, and another $1000 got vaccinations. When she got an email asking for an additional $4500, Bohrer started asking questions.

The online seller claimed to be from American Pet Registry, a real company based out of Arkansas, and while the certificate looks authentic, it contains mistakes like registration numbers that are not associated with American Pet Registry.

The company said it’s gotten at least 10 complaints about this scam from people all over the country.

The FBI attempted to track down the seller, listed on the insurance form listed as Aundria Darby of Hoquiam.

Two Aundria Darby’s were found. One was in Texas and one was in California. Neither were from Grays Harbor, and neither are selling Siberian Huskies.

“If something appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is,” said Dave Joly, an FBI spokesperson.


CBS Miami

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