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Grays Harbor charter school application denied

January 28, 2014

The proposal for a charter school in Grays Harbor was recommended to not be approved by the Washington State Charter School Association.

Pioneer Youth Corps proposed starting the Evergreen Leadership Academy, with 120 students starting in the 2014-2015 school year.

Pioneer said that their vision was to provide intervention and education services to students who for a variety of reasons are not successful in mainstream schools. This is done through schools that focus on academic and leadership training for students in the 6th through 12th grades.

The ELA proposal was denied because the application either partially met or did not meet the standard across all areas.

They said that the school “curriculum and instructional design, student performance standards, school culture, and supplemental programming” that were not well-developed. In addition, they did not describe or demonstrate sufficient capacity to launch and operate the school.

Plans for school governance, performance management and staffing were called “wholly under- or undeveloped”, raising serious questions about the applicant’s current capacity to design and open a public charter school.

The financial plan also met with issues as ELA said that “the budget and financial plan did not align with or support the full program needs outlined in the educational and organizational plans.”

They said that Pioneer did not “adequately demonstrate a track record of academic success serving a similar student population. In addition, the proposal does not inspire confidence that the Pioneer Youth Corps of Oregon (PYCO), the parent organization, has developed a thorough business plan and infrastructure to launch and support a new school in Washington.” Stating, “The educational program overview is not sufficiently clear, developed, or compelling.”

While they called the Pioneer educational program “not sufficiently clear, developed, or compelling”, they do commend the applicants work in Oregon, and say that “While the majority of this section did not meet the standard, the applicant does appear to have
a viable space for the school already selected and secured.” Although, they add, “the applicant stated that if needed, they would obtain volunteer support from retired individuals and seek donated materials. While the facility is a strength, the back-up plan for resources related to renovations does not inspire confidence.”

PYCO Seal-Final

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