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Hoquiam ban on marijuana business until legal nationwide

January 28, 2014

The City of Hoquiam voted last night to ban marijuana business until it becomes legal under federal law.

The Council had a proposal from their Planning Commission that would require Marijuana producers, processors, and retailers to be located in Industrial Zoned areas, but a different motion was seconded and passed instead.

With the Marijuana Zoning Recommendation from the Planning Commission on the agenda for the council, Hoquiam City Councilman Paul McMillan made a motion for the proposal, but with an amendment that would only use the Marijuana Zoning when marijuana was federally legal.

Mayor Jack Durney said at the meeting that I-502 was approved by every ward in Hoquiam and Aberdeen, as well as passed through the county and statewide.

After a second from Councilman Darin Moir and discussion from multiple council members, McMillan’s motion was passed with NO votes coming from Councilman Ben Winkelman and Councilwoman Jasmine Dickhoff.

The report will now move on to the land use hearing examiner.

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