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Local charter school officially denied approval this year

January 31, 2014

The Washington State Charter School Association has voted to approve seven applications for charter schools, all in Western Washington. The EvergreenLeadershipAcademy was not one of them. The ELA was officially denied approval yesterday to open a charter school in Junction City starting this year.

On Monday, the Association posted recommendations by an independent panel of experts for all 19 charter school applications. 6 schools met the criteria and were officially approved yesterday, while the others either “partially met or did not meet the standard across all areas.” They approved one school that the evaluators thought was not ready.

Cate Lay, founder of ELA told KXRO that this is not the end. A number of the schools, including ELA, were encouraged by commission members to keep refining their applications and submit them again in the future.

At the meeting, Lay and her husband were joined by other charter schools to argue the recommendations, saying that the reasons for denial were too harsh. Former United Way Executive Director Doreen Cato sent a letter to the Association with her opinion that the ELA school “is very much needed by Grays Harbor County.”

Lay said that there are still options and that the next step in the process is to keep building locally and submit their application again in June to start accepting students in the 2015-2016 school year.

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